Knitted Clowns

Knitted Clowns

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Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Clowns (24 pages)

Here comes The Red Nose Gang - the most comical chuckle of colourful Clowns you will ever meet!

These figures are exceptional works of knitted art. They are free-standing and measure an impressive 48cm (19in) in height. The detail in all five Clowns is truly outstanding.

But the most amazing thing about the Clowns is that they are so easy to make. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly elaborate detail. Such is Jean’s talent for simplicity of construction that the Clowns can be made by anyone who can knit, purl, increase and decrease. These are the only skills required.

Just look at the instructions for the Basic Clown’s legs, body, head and hat shown below. As you can see, the instructions are mainly words, with very few lines of rows and stitches. Incredible isn’t it? You have probably knitted tea-cosies with more complicated patterns. And the rest of the Clown pieces and their accessories are just as simple.

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